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I am a big Chevy fan and I own a 64 Chevrolet Chevy II. This car has a 461 cui Chevy bigblock under the hood with forged pistons and a forged crank, a 850 dp and a pretty mean hydraulic cam and LS-5 heads. The rearend is a 9" Ford axle which is placed in a four-link with coilovers. This car is a street race car and almost legal to,and does pretty bad wheelstands on the street. This years goal is to run 10.90 whitout any nitrous.
I am a big fan of illegal races on the street. That's what this car was built for in the first place.
My mufflers are homemade and pretty empty,so the car is a real "cop caller." Pictures of the car will be on the site in a couple of weeks, so check it out later!

Click Here for a picture of some street racing.

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