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Looks very promising but you need OWNER privlidge (ie, no guest) it hardcoded-ly creates a dir: C:\Program Files\Callum Haywood\AMV Studio\5.0 Core -[
DownLoad site]- -[wiki: AMV]- BEGIN BLOCK QUOTE An anime music video (abbreviated AMV) is a music video consisting of clips from one or more anime television series or movies set to songs; the term usually refers to fan-made unofficial videos. Most are not official music videos released by the musicians, but rather amateur fan compositions which synchronize clips with a musical track. As such, they are most commonly informally released, often over the Internet. Anime conventions frequently run AMV contests or AMV exhibitions. While AMVs traditionally use footage taken from anime, video game footage is also a popular option.[1]. Parallels can be drawn between AMVs and Songvids, non-animated fan-made videos using footage from movies, television series, or other sources. END BLOCK QUOTE -[wiki: AMV]- (www link) [Intro] []