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Inherently, an HI/AI with arms and legs and such will be diff than one that does not hae them; also, if an ent loses functionality of any of its arms, legs, etc - this will affect its behaviour/outlook/etc.


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My Life as a Teenage Robot}

My Life as a Teenage Robot

Jen a girl teenage robot with her two best
best buds Tuck (short, with black hair - i
think he's the smart one), and Brad (red head
; the tall/cool one (img via wiki; see below) "Left to Right: Tuck, Jenny (Jen Wakemann), Brad" Ref to: -[
www.nicktoonsnetwork.com]- -[www.Frederator.com]- -[www.Frederator.com]- -[TeenAge; wiki]- BEGIN BLOCK QUOTE Emmy-nominated American animated television series, produced by Frederator Studios for the Nickelodeon cable channel. Nickelodeon cancelled the show, though 13 episodes are still waiting to be aired. The 13 Episodes were viewed in South East Asian countries (like Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines)... END BLOCK QUOTE -[]- (v. slow to load; too many AD's gens!) BEGIN BLOCK QUOTE END BLOCK QUOTE