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Lighting Design

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Sound Concepts: Physics

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L/D - Physics TERMS

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Lighting a space

Low key light - warmer, more intimate also, prob about 45 degress from to floor -- ie, not 90 (flashlight under the chin)

Sound Concepts: Digial things

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Jacques Lassaigne

(A/H entry for THIS page) See also: -[
A/H entry itself]- We often (as "moderns") talk about "light is life" or "being in the limelight" (ie, the centre of attention). And i came across this by the artist/historian Jacques Lassaigne: BEGIN BLOCK QUOTE ================================================ [P. 6]

Degas and the Lighting Effects

Degas was much attracted to the smoke-laden cafe's, to the atmosphere of the theatres, stage wings, ballet studios, and cabarets. How many lighing effects must have been revealed to Degas' eyes by the briliant gas illuminations and later by the ELECTRIC CHANDLIERS THAT WERE INSTALLED IN PLACES OF ENTERTAINMENT ABOUT 1900! - emphasis mine; note the date Light played a most important role, for without its vivacity and sparkle the danse halls and music halls would have lacked much of their mystery and charm. Light was such a strong and cominating factor, that when the orchestra played the introduction to the performance, it was necessary to banish the light entirely or reduce it to one fotlight whose intensity was attenuated for a moment and then slowly increased to support the singer's entrance. Under the blaze of the full light, the artist would appear all the more radiant and brilliant because the spectarors were plunged into darkness. The flickering gas flame would throw its jests of light onto the crystal pendants of the chandeliers, which were usually enveloped in a heavy veil of smoke; the light from the gas flame was fragmented and broken by hughe mirros, which were placed along the walls in order to intensify the ligting effects, to repeat the images, to create many images of the scene, and to create a feeling of enchantment. For the last quarter of the nineteenth century (1875c) was in need of enchantment. [??why????] Then annals of the Second Empire were over, and the annals of the future would no longer belong to the aristocracy alone. [hmmmm...] Crystal chandeliers reflecting gorgeous gowns and ostrich feathers -- all these luxuries would henceforth belong to other social classes as well. For it was now the turn of the people to seek enjoyment. At the end of a week of exhausting work, the people wanted to have their own gala festivals. And that was the function of th brilliant amusement halls such as the Moulin de la Galette and, later, the Moulin Rouge. END BLOCK QUOTE ================================================== Ref: Lassaigne, Jacques (1970). Toulouse Latrec and the Paris of the Cabarets. McCall Publishing, Milan, SBN 8415.1008.3