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Lighting a space

Low key light - warmer, more intimate also, prob about 45 degress from to floor -- ie, not 90 (flashlight under the chin)

Sound Concepts: Digial things

In this section: {
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(short dictionary) -[
]- -[]- -[]- -[]- CODEC - h/w and s/w methods for compressing files. various sound combinations are represented by a dictionary number; eg, a horn-like "C" note might by xxx, while a violin-like one might be xxy. ALMOST ALWAYS IMPLIES: ** LOSS ** -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- FLV - Flash Video format. -[wiki entry on FLV]- -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- MP3 - -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- WAV - wave-form file; lossless, large mem rqmts -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]-


Glad you enjoyed my work. I tried to put into everything that seemed relevant. As part of the "Performance Art" project that i was taking from Thomas Riccio, one thing that he emphasised was *documentation*. As such, i tried to capture the b/g of the various projects that i was working on. btw: you might also enjoy the "sister" paper that i wrote for Thomas' class: https://www.angelfire.com/art3/fleeding/performance/perf-art-2006-05-01-v-03.doc The idea of using canvas-covered frames with the open-faced fibre-glass filling, i've seen before. Actually, there's no reason that the covering couldn't be decorated (painted, etc). Actually, it's very odd to walk by such a pannel -- esp, if it's located along a fairly long wall. All sound on that side of your head disappears. I've often thought of using this to create "sound areas" where in you would have a grid (or possibly enen a maze). As you would walk along you would enter into an area where there might be art on one of the pannels (walls), aand in that area a certain kind of music would be playing. It would be interesting to "tell a story" in this way. Anyway, still looking for a job for the summer -- until then it's pretty much "beans and rice" for my food; ah, c'est la vie. -- Take care and see you when you get back, -- Frank L. [
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