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DownLoad: -[via www.InkScape.org]- Helps: -[tavmjong.free.fr]- (viva la france!) (includes D/L info on Safari and PDF) Quick and dirty (QUAD) -- Read the first 14 or so pages of the user guide (some of it is in french - !) and the first 14 of the tutorials. mainly go thru and see how each tool works. practice opening and closing a file. And then from EPXLORER (folder view) open one of the SAVED files - it will be .svg format - use M/S WORD-PAD - on linux/uxix it;s easy: vi or emacs. .svg (and the newer file formats) are now O/Src compliant using the N/L (New/Line character (hex 0A) rather then C/R, N/L (hex 0D, 0A) - which tends to string the lines end-to-end if you use just NotePad, etc... Some quick shots - will get back soonest, also check out the "tutorial-basic.svg" - down load, etc; some one helped Kevin out by writing it - still much to be done, soonest - Frank The following files will "sort of open" with M/S explorer, do a VIEW source, and then save locally and then re-open with M/S WORD-PAD - the old C/R vs N/L problem. Also just open them with NOTE: the .svg (kevin's amigo) sez that Adobe Illustrator, and others ALREADY support .svg - i'm working on a "smart editor for both XML, .SVG as well as XMl - will get back to it if any interest? -frank, emailL: fleeding@hotmail.com the idea is that you can clone parts of a document (either manually or with a program (C, basic, perl/C#, etc). automation!!! what i wouldn't give for a NAKED unix prompt!! (and x-term!) btw: "man" below, means "manually created" - nothing to do with the user/tut manuals! -[test-001.svg]- -[test-01-man.svg]- -[test-002.svg]- -[test-002-man.svg]- -[test-003.svg]- -[test-003-man.svg]-