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This site is inspired by the work of David Hanson (of Hanson Robotics fame). As one of the first robots that he chose to emulate (implement?) was that of the late, great Philip K. Dick, i've decided to pour my game ideas into this site. Again, in the words fellow futurist and writer, Arthur C. Clarke: Use these worlds in peace. [2010: Odysey Two] As well as the late, great Douglas Noel Adams: Share and Enjoy. [The Hitch Hiker's Gudie to the Gallaxy]


In this section: {
Code} (c? si? Senior Borges!)


"The odd thing about authorship is that it follows you around like a duck. I mean all of these wankers who are so afraid of not being credited with authorship -- i wrote that work [the eulogy] over 5 years ago and last time i checked it was on something like 300++ web sites (i wrote it out of pain and carthaisis) and they've lost all sign of who wrote it. Maybe i'll end being know as Aderondike Frank!!!" -- Winter soltice, 2006/2007 (about tea time) Share and enjoy! -[
Programming Philosophy Paper (PPP)]- -[xcell ideas]-

The base utilities

PAD's (Patterned Artificial Dialog) -[gu-pad.h]- -[gu-pad.c]- (common stuff) -[gu-pade.e]- -[gu-pade.c]- (edit/create/etc) -[gu-padx.e]- -[gu-padx.c]- (run time stuff)