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D3 = Doom3

See also: On this page: {Introduction} {The pizoi games project] {Code} (code, pads, xcell, etc) These are notes that i made as i was learning D3 (Doom3). So far, all there is the editor: -[Intro to the D3 Editor]-

D3 - Doom3

(following best if read during the last 3 minutes of Samuel Barber's "2nd Essay on Orchestra") "This game [the d3] engine may be the single, most signifcant contribution to human advancement in the 21st century." - 2006.11.15 speech (tips, favourite dolphin towel 3 times to all the fine folks at id s/w. - frank fleeding @ hotmail.com


Why d3? First of all, i personally (and underscore personally - but then i like to drink milk - so, "De gustibus non disputandem est" - there's no dispute (possible) when it comes to matters of taste). find the game pretty yucky. I'm more a "plastic duck" kind of artist (wey liked the mime tricks, too bad so many people want peace and quiet - i mean i can understand to sleep. But, then where does that leave things like: Gay Pride Marches? Clown Pie Fights Chess Championships and of course "art, maths, and 'the rest' ?" not to mention the "partial frontal rudity" ;) (tips towel to Denzel Washington and NY) and of course the zyllophones!!!! START AGAIN It is a self-contained, and really easy to learn ENV (environment) - if *i* can make a jazz room in one semester, then anything IS possible. (een though if it hadn't been for cj, who helped fix all of my broken assets - ONE lousy wrong line of code -- sheesh, you;d think computers didn't have a sense of propriety! - yes, i know they have a sense of irony, and of course especially silicony and geraniumony ;) START AGAIN