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Art Studio 42 (tech)

You will prob want to look at: -[Art Studio 42]- (traditional arts) This provides a quick-tour (and links) to "tech tools" for artists in the DIGITAL WORLD (flashy lights, sfx, etc - and pls! NO killer robots!) See also: -[]- -[The GigaOm Show]- (best on the web e-news techie stuff!) -[]- -[]- -[]- -[]- http://www.slideshare.net/Paty.Savage/blogs-podcasts-wikis-459479 -[]- -[]-

Art Studio 42 (tech)

On this page: {Introduction} {Life on line and on the PC/MAC/SEA} {FastTrack} {Basics: Text & Graphics} {Programming/Scripting} {Web Arts} {The PipeLine} from idea to FILM/SOUND - ART!! {Links} ** MANY excellent resources **


For the most part i tend to use the "lowest common denominator" s/w tools and of course (having had the g-chip installed (all Hail the Mighty MicroSoft Wizard) tend toward PC - of course all rational beings use Unix/Linux/Xenix ! I also tend towards OpenSource (ie, free to the public). If you're a coder, or artist, consider donating something to the public good. Hey, i mean "FLCD-GEN.c" (flash card html pages generator) is clunky, but it does work - actually the programming is (i think) rather elegant. So, here we go: The S/W tools and skills you need to do digital art, etc.

Life on line and on the PC/MAC/SEA

THis is mainly about utilities, like pop-up blockers, etc... proxmimotron ? still exists??? AdBlockPlus.org -[
(via GigaOm ep #007)]- about 1:20secs into the show


NOTE: Much of the structure of this "Fast-track" section is modeled directly after the presentation by Paty Savage; -[
Superb Slide Show by Paty Savage]- (See link explosions below, for pages, etc) Also, many LINES in her presentation are web-links. If you move the mouse to a line and it turns into a hand POINTING UPWARD - then it's a link. Also: -[]-http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/beyond-distance-research-alliance/event/previous_events/conferences/conferences2007/uol-learning-futures-conference/uol-learning-futures-research/lf_smart_curt_bonk/" target="_blank">Curt Bonk's pages]- Also, check out: -[Blogs and Wikis for Beginners]- (gives a v. nice "evolution path" for Web 1, Web 2, etc)


"Blog (n), A web-based log or journal. WebBlog becomes "blog". vlog (Video web log); also used as verb "to blog". -[Blogs in Education]- -[Teachers First - Gated Blogs for the ClassRoom]- -[ClassRoom Blogs]- -[Steps towards a Successful Classroom]- -[What's the Scoop]- -[A Practical Guide to Blogging.]- Web services blogger.com typepad.com wordpress.com edublogs.com


podcast (n) - derived from an apple-based ipod upload site where audiofiles can be accessed, etc. Now much more generic. Also, vidcasts, multi-casts (eg, to celphones, PDA's, etc). The file format is most often iPod specific, or mp3, etc. Links via Paty Savage's slideshow: -[HotList on PodCasts]- -[Exploiting the EDU Portential of PodCasts]- -[PodCasts in EDU]- Her quick how-to: Record the audio content Edit Add jingle Export to mp3 Format Add to an RSS Server on-line Submit to iTunes or other services Have listeners subscribe Samples from her SlideShow: (most are v. slow to load) -[Radio WillowWeb]- 2nd Graders report on their learning about volcanoes. -[KowLoon J/S in Hong Kong]- -[WJJL Radio]- -[]- -[]-


wiki - (n) A self-edited and self-governed community of writers. eg, "wikipedia", "indopedia", etc. -[WetPaint]- - prob the widest used wiki system (eg's include MythBusters, etc) -[PB Wiki]- (lots of links to Web 2, as well) -[WikiSpaces]- -[David Jakes articles]- "Wild about Wikis"

Social Networks

Video Sharing

Photo Sharing

Basic Text & Graphics

Text editor: notepad On occassion: M/S Word or WordPad (when you need unicode or more fonts, etc) pcpaint - now just called PAINT your fav web browser (M/S Explorer, NetScape, SaFari, Mozzilla, etc?) -[
InkScape]- (Opn/Src (Open/Source) alternative to PhotoShop, PaintShop, etc) [^^Up to my InkScape pages]

Web Techie Things

(Tools that make the content developer's life easier) html - plain text editor + 10-command html CamStudio - screen capture for documenting things -[from www.DownLoad.com]-


C/C++ - variants include C#, Visual C++, etc. C is *still* the most portable/universal programming lanauge even Java, JavaScript, and a lot of VisualBasic are based on it. HTML - Hyper Text MarkUp Language; the basis of ALL web pages. [
^^Up to my programming/scripting pages]

Web Arts

There are many, many different ways to create an V/E (Virtual/Environment) and thus be able to create a V/R (Virtual/Reality), here are some favs: Blender - Virtual Envirnoments/charaters development lab -[
via www.DownLoad.com]- [^^Up to my Blender pages] Doom3 - $20 - but still "the standard". [^^up to my Doom 3 pages] -[ Nvu]- -[ThurderSite] -[PageCraft] -[] -[Aptana - DreamWeaver-like web authoring] -[] -[Digg.com] -[] -[gimp .pic option] -[] -[]

Google - Custom Search Engine

-[GSE: via ONLamp.com] -[] -[] -[] -[] -[]


In this section: {
Auds/Vids} {Feeds} {} {Blender/etc} {} {} {} {} {}

Links: Auds / Vids

See also: {
Links: Feeds} (below) Source material: "Mentos & Diet Cokes" by -[HTTP: EepyBird.com] - 2 'e''s Aud src: -[HTTP: AudioBody.com] Also note: -[EpyBird.com] one 'e' - lot's o' links! -[www.ComputerHope.com] (lots of cool tech info) -[] -[] -[] -[]


http://www.blender.org http://www.blender3d.org/cms/Documentation.628.0.html http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Tutorials video tuts http://www.blender3d.org/cms/Video_Tutorials.396.0.html USE VLC,EXE and paste these urls into the FILE, OPEN (the ^^ buton) http://www.ibiblio.org/bvidtute/contrib/interface.avi http://www.ibiblio.org/bvidtute/contrib/vf1.avi Towards blender compatibilty with doom3: http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=77123&sid=8f7784863419d77b32485dbc567dd14f BioVision -- BVH D3/Blender and MoCAP [
BVH script example, etc>] -[www.cs.wisc.edu] (intro) http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=77067#77067 BVH (animazoo) MoCAP stuff: MoCap http://www.animazoo.com/bvh/

Links: Feeds

And *still* the best: -[
HTTP: EepyBird.com] - 2 'e''s -[www.g4tv.com]- -[MeFedia.Com]- -[HTTP: Blip.Tv]- ** PG-13: LV etc ** (mainly VID ad's eg, "Heather") http://fleeding.blip.tv/ -[HTTP: RevVer.Com]- PG-13, and much weirdnesses -[]-

Links: Maya

Maya to buy... Skip Main Content and go to Footer Contents. Authorized Education Dealer -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Journey Education Marketing Mike Fischler 13755 Hutton Drive, Ste 500 Dallas, TX 75234 www.journeyed.com 972- 245-7511 800-874-9001 972- 481-2069 Fax www.journeyed.com Products Sold: http://toolfarm.com/pluginfinder/index.php?Rotoscoping http://toolfarm.com/pluginfinder/index.php?Rotoscoping http://www.toondoctor.com/rotoscope01.htm http://rotoscoping.net/ wordpress.com http://www.markbsplace.net/3d/rotoscope-tutorial.htm Animation Master ($300) http://www.hash.com/ az tutorials http://tutorial7.tutorial.hebak.info/map.html about maya ($375) http://www.squidoo.com/3DAnimationsoftware/ Math apps http://www.cut-the-knot.org/ctk/FromLCarrollToArchimedes.shtml#spiral

The PipeLine

... from idea to FILM/SOUND - ART!! Early the stage are ideas that you capture on paper, text, etc. There are two aspects: Audio & Video. The two best off-the-shelf ($$) programs are SonyVegas (PC) and FCP (final cut pro - MAC). otherwise,..... Audio Editor/Mixing Video Editing/Mixing Live/Vid Work invovles "checking the space" - even if the space is V/R Screen Tests Sound Tests

Going Live!

PodCastAutoCue.exe - a TELE-PROMPTER for live readings of exact text. very nice. Can be used for "canned text" display as well. -[
Free DownLoad fro www.DownLoad.com]- The registered version ($25) includes additional studio S/W and free life-time updates, as well as his book "PodCasting for Fun and Profit". Superb for ANY studio! Pizo sez: Five Stars? Why we'd give it FIVE GALAXIES !! (but, we can't since the space-tax went up to $1 ALTAIRAN PER CUBIC LIGHT YEAR ;) Order here: -[Professional version]- -[Conversion plastic for PC to TelePrompter conversion]- -[]- -[]- Preping the UpLoad PocCast MassiveDownLoad YouTube MySpace Blogger Forums