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ARTag - Augmented Reality - enhanced reality

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From their official web site: Welcome to ARTag! ARTag is an "Augmented Reality" system where virtual objects, games, and animations appear to enter the real world. 3D graphics is added in real time to video, similar to "view matching" in Hollywood, except that with Augmented Reality it is happening online. ARTag "Magic Lens" and "Magic Mirror" systems use arrays of the square ARTag markers added to objects or the environment allowing a computer vision algorithm to calculate the camera "pose" in real time, allowing the CG (computer graphics) virtual camera to be aligned. This gives the illusion of 3D animations or video games to appear to belong in the real world. ZOWIE Batman, Holy Virtual Reality!!! Onward, into the future! Frank.


The official artag.net web site


Cawood, Stephen and Mark Fiala (2007). Augmented Reality - a practical guide.