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North-West Frontier Province, 1930s

From: "Andrew M Brownhill" Newsgroups: Subject: NWFP in the 30's Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005

The Royal Tank Corp on parade at Aldershot in 1935. Not one of my fathers photo's

An AC (Crossley 5 ton) 'Trafalgar'

A sniper of the Himalayas overlooking the Khyber

The Royal Artillery in Peshawar, AA Battery

The Lanchester AC, now replaced by light tanks at Peshawar

The light tanks march past the commander, RTC India

'Happy' and his pet on a tactical exercise

An 'A' Coy medium tank on the way to Redesdale

A guard of the Ghurkha Regiment, NWFP

Showing the Ghurka's at Dargai

I am in the process of scanning my fathers old photo's and came across this one of "The recovery of an aircraft shot down by natives". I believe that it was probably taken near Nagar or Peshawar, India around 1935

I have come across this photo in with a lot of my fathers pictures. The writing on the reverse says 'This is the Viceroy's own plane and the snap was taken when he visited us a few weeks ago'. I am fairly sure that it was taken in the mid 1930's somewhere in the North West Frontier Province of India.

The picture shows my dad on the back row third from the left

The picture shows my dad from a later period, probably late 40's