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Cross and Three Lilies

This was created based on the painting I created for
Fr. Jim and St. Joseph's Parish Family
gift to Bishop Fabbro for his 25th Anniversary of his Ordination.

Music is in the patterns to show the universe sings, and as a nod to
Fr. Jim, and his love of singing
Mathematical notation formulae is placed
into the patterns as a note to the language of the Universe,
and a nod to Bishop Fabbro's other passion.
Twisted fabric is placed to bring in the feeling of D.N.A
Color is splattered and diffused on the leading edge to show movement into the future
The Star and Chi-Rho "Cross of Light" to show how
we search for the spiritualty of our lives that unite us to one another..

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"Fabric of the Universe 2"

22 x 30- watercolor

$600.00 Framed


Open edition 8.5x11 inch prints are $20 each, and all prints are signed.
Open edition 11x17 inch prints are $30 each and all prints are signed.


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