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"....I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free..."


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I have been a Charity Challenge Carver since 2006, my family and friends join me and
we play away till we get something close to the model...
All the sculptors have a great time and we're raising money for a good cause.

Snow Fest 2012        
SnowFest 2011

Happy Squirell
& Rook.

Dan and his friends formed a Team for the Lawrence House.

Dan SnowFest Sculptor

Dan SnowFest Carver

Happy Squirell

Happy Squirell


Dan on Ice Slide at Snow Fest

Taking a Break ~ Dan On Ice Slide .

Snow Rook

Snow rook

Snow Fest 2009

Carving Wall-E

the Team 2009

Dan, Tamara, Andie, Tom and Myself.

Tom, Myself and the maquette

Tom and I with the Maquette

Working away in the cold snowfest 2009

Wall-E and I

Team 2009 Snowfest

Team Snowfest 2009


Snow Fest 2008

Polar bear with his popsicle and dancing penguin on
his wave slide.

Team Rita, Dan, Tamara, Jerry, & To

"The Team"
Jerry, Rita ,Dan, Tamara, Tom.


The Team has been awarded
the "Artists Choice ".The Lawrence House has
honoured the team with certificates of Appreciation at the May "First Friday" event

Artist Choice Award  
2nd Day 2008-
We're working hard to find the
Polar bear with his popsicle
and dancing penguin
on his wave slide.
It was -18 in the sun- Brrrr....

Also Shrek and his Army,
with some of the international
teams in the background.


SnowFest 2008

SnowFest 2008

This was the model for Snowfest 2008
but the design was put through
a CAD and came up that the
legs were a weak spot.
We don't want him falling down
so we are rebuilding
him on a iceburg.
This is the updated model,
We have placed him sliding
down an Iceberg with waves.
Second Day of Snowfest 2007.
SnowFest 2007 begins,
the lighted abstract is what we
accomplished the first day.
This is the beginning, the model
for "The Penguin of the Arts"
is unveiled in 2006.
Music, painting, poetry, and
theatre fill Penguins dreams.


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