Osechi 2010

Thank you very much for ordering our "Osechi". Our limited Order 20+1 had soled out!

I cooked especially selected many meaningful ingredients to cerebrate new year from the heart. I wish you all have a bright and wonderful new year. I hope to see you in the coming year! Thank you again! Yoshimi

"Osechi" is what most people in Japan eat at the beginning of the new year which was made to pray for New year with many happiness, long life, good health, and no bad luck.
Yoshimatsu's Osechi meal will decorate spectacularly and cherfully your new year's table. This gorgeous Osechi are made by Yoshimi, Japanese owner at the restaurant from the heart. We tried to serve you in this reasonable price!

  • Customer's voice: "Whao, how long did it take you to cook?", "I am so happy." , "I am so excited!", "You were amazing!", "You did great job!", etc.
  • We wanted to see the customer smile, which made us happy. Thank you again!