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Fan art by Nightcrawler ZERO


Fan Art:

Nightcrawler : My original costume design.

Psylocke: Classic ninja costume.

Sunfire: My original costume design.

Psylocke:  My design for a new British Psylocke costume.

Havok: Costume based on Ron Garney's re-designs.

Archangel: My original costume design.

Gambit: Pencils only. My original costume design.

Storm: Early 90's short hair style.

Nightcrawler: Inked drawing. Nightcrawler (Classic Costume) on a pirate ship.

Archangel: In his new armored costume.

Dark Phoenix: Classic design.

Stacy X: Garney costume.

Nightcrawler and Archangel: Garney costumes.

Nightcrawler: Movie-style costume.

Nightcrawler: Disco suit. SATURDAY NIGHTCRAWLER FEVER!

Uncanny X-Men: An Uncanny X-Men Cover design.

Cyclops: Being punched by a generic militant

Gambit: Colored version of my original design.

Lifeguard: Golden Shiar version.

Wolverine: In his "edict of Quesada" uniform.

Rogue: In a movieverse uniform.

Soon to come- Nightcrawler wielding 2 swords in his new uniform, Archangel as Death, and whatever else comes to mind.