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For The Dignity of Aesthetic Objects Made by Hand

Unique Handmade Jewelry

Necklaces and Pendants

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Pendants and Necklaces


Pendant: Sterling silver, porcelain doll tropical hardwood

Pendant: Mixed Media

Pendant: Zinc cut, sterling silver finding, antique glass amulet

Necklace: Ojime, fluorescent bead, Antique beads, sterling clasp

Pendant: Sterling silver, fluorescent glass fragment, fluorescent beads

Necklace: carved seed pods.

Necklace: Ancient Japanese Ojime beads, sterling clasp

Pendant: Necklaces: Ancient Egyptian Scarabs and Amulets


Pendant: Porcelain doll, sterling silver

Necklace: Mexican hand rolled beads, ancient bone fragment


Pendant: Sterling silver, abalone

Pendant: Sterling silver, porcelain doll

Wear Art Now