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Beckers Lost World & TOTSS Video Page

THE VIDEOS: Updated 2-13-04

TLW: Feel The Earth Move
TOTSS: Anticipation
TOTSS: Sailing Away
TLW: Romance
TLW: Your Best Shot
TOTSS: Everywhere
TLW: She's Got A Way
TLW: You're In Love
TLW: Misirlou
TLW: I Am Woman
TLW: This Is The Moment

About the above:

"I Feel the Earth Move" - LW Vid from Marguerite's perspective -- Includes whats-his-name too.
"Anticipation" Fun vid starring Isabelle & David at their best
"Come Sail Away" - My first TOTSS vid. Features clips from the first three episodes of the series.
"Romance" - My first and, I think, still my favorite TLW music video (done by myself). TURN IT UP. For some reason the audio is rather low on this vid so be sure to turn up your volume so you can hear the lyrics.
"Hit Me With Your Best Shot" Roxton and Marguerite, flirting & fighting in The Lost World!
"Everywhere"- Isabelle and David together, through good times and bad ...
"She's Got A Way" - A romantic look at Marguerite from the man who knows her best.
"You're In Love" - Lord John Roxton from the P.O.V. of past "loves" who know when they've been eclipsed.
"Misrilou" - Excitement on the plateau!.
"I Am Woman" - A video just for Marguerite and Veronica.

"This Is The Moment" - A tribute to "Trapped"! Just can't have too many of those, right? A M&R video for Valentines Day.

Hope you enjoy the offerings above. Keep coming back. You never know when a new video will show!


THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL FEEDBACK! I'm so happy you're enjoying yourself.
This *is* a labor of LOVE!


ROMANCE will soon be leaving this board to make
room for NEW videos. If you want to see this video you need to upload very soon!!

Another video that has been missing, TIME OF THEIR LIVES, is available upon request through e-mail.