The Telephone Call

Music and lyrics by Kraftwerk.

*1   The number you have wished has been disconnected.

[repeat *1]

*2   I give you my affection and I give you my time
Try to get a connection on the telephone line

*3   You're so close but far away
I call you up all night and day

[repeat *2 *3 *3]

[repeat *1]

[repeat *2]

*4   I call you up from time to time
To hear your voice on the telephone line

[repeat *4]

[repeat *1]

*5   The number you call is wrong. Please call Information.

[???:] (...) un telefonema.

*6   We are sorry. Your international call cannot be completed that time.

*7   Please check the number and dial again.

*8   [Italian:] (...) automatique.

[repeat *5]

[repeat *8]

[repeat *7]

[repeat *6]

[repeat *1]

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