She's So Good To Me

Performed, composed and produced by Luther Vandross.

After the dance
I walked my baby home
Under the moonlight
It was a scene
Right from my fantasy
She said the things
That made me wanna say
How much I love her
(Don't love no other)
It couldn't be, ooh
She's so good to me

And when the morning came around
Well she had not let me down
She was still my lover
I must confess
That I put love to the test
To see if there was any other
But she proved to me
What a real good love she'd be
And she was so exciting
Deep in her eyes
Was a promise of the love
That I'd been dreamin' of
She made me love the world
So I know she's my girl

I'm on a cloud
Where no one is allowed
Except my lady
High as can be
She's so good to me
I don't care or know
What the people below
Think 'bout my baby
Maybe I'm crazy
But it's ecstasy
She's so good to me

*   She's so very fine
(And I love her, and I love her)
She's the one I see
(Yes I love her, yes I love her)
When I dream all day and night
No one else could be so right
She's so good to me, yeah yeah yeah
She's the one for me
(And I love her)
Say one, two, three
(And I love her)
She's my fantasy
(Yes I love her, yes I love her)
When the whole world lets me down
With people jivin' me around
She's so truly good to me

My lady love and I
Always have a real good time
Just the three of us
And we never stop
Till the hands upon the clock
Say the night is up
But we see the sun
And then the sun has just begun
'Cause it's a brand new day, yeah
I hurry through
Other things I've got to do
And then I'm on the way, yeah
Back to get the love
I been day dreamin' of

I don't agree
They say that every lover
Has got to change
How can it be
She's so good to me
Now they say that suddenly
She'll start to actin' strange
(She's gonna change)
No, not my baby
She's so good to me

[repeat *]

So good to me
She's so very fine now
(And I love her)
Five, six, seven, eight, nine
(And I love her)...

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