Love Is Alive

Performed and produced by Philip Bailey, music by Philip Bailey, R. Marx.

Hey, love is alive, oh

I don't care what you say
I know crime doesn't pay
I refuse to believe in the pain
I tell you love is alive

Let it rain, let it pour
I can even the score
Maybe life brings torture and change
But baby, love is alive

And it's knockin' on your window
You're afraid to let it in
Give it one more chance, I tell you
Love is alive, it's alive
Love is alive

It's a sure bet that you
Could be playin' the fool
If you fall for the lie
You will never know that love is alive

Say you do or you don't
Say you will or you won't
Baby, let me prove you're cool
And tell you love is alive

*   (Do you) Hear somebody knockin'
There's a poundin' at your door
You can run, baby, but you can't hide
'Cause love is alive, it's alive

It's alive, love is alive
Love is alive, love is alive

[repeat *]

You know love will survive
[repeat:] Love is alive

You know you can believe
Love is alive
You can believe it
Love is alive

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