I Got Nothing

Performed by Bangles, produced by David Kahne, music by S. Hoffs, V. Peterson, J. Shear.

I got nothing
There's no sense in looking back
All my yesterdays
Went up in flames
Now I'm gonna just forget
What's in the past
I don't even recognize their names

**   To undiscarded lives
A simple proportion
Every day a little pain
Survival's up to me
Since every time I
Open my eyes the world remains

*   I got nothing too bad
But I'm happy
'Cause that's all I had
I got nothing they want

Lookin' out their windows
From their easy chains
I can see they think
They got it beat
They just see a drifter
In some worn out clothes
Not someone it is so good to meet

I'm more ashamed of them
That what I'm wearing
Not reaching past their window ledge
There's a view of life
That we're not sharing
'Cause they won't walk out to the edge

[repeat * ** *]

[repeat:] I got nothing too bag

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