Hot Night

Vocal performed by Laura Branigan, written by Diane Warren and The Doctor, produced by Jack White and Robbie Buckanan.

Here in the night
There's a perfume in the air
And you can almost smell the danger
Pressed in a crowd
You can feel the heat flow
In the touch of every stranger
We're out the town
And it's action that we're after
Keep fannin' the flame
Just a little faster

*   It's gonna be a hot night
We're gonna have a hot night tonight
It's gonna be a hot night
We won't get no sleep tonight
Too hot, it's too hot

The need in your eyes
Hits me to the heart
With a shot of stimulation
Come on with me
In a moment I will see
Such a burnin' fascination

**   No stopping it now
We got to stay in motion
We're two-footed fire
Two-footed emotion

[repeat * twice]
[repeat **]
[repeat * and fade]

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