CD/LD [CD] Collection

The CD's and LD's data are shown in the following structure:

  1. Classification Icons Title

    1. Identification code
    2. Total Time, Recording, Mixing and Mastering information (for CD).
    3. Maker information (country, name and date).
    4. Copyright (owner, date etc.).
    5. Description
    6. Tracks
      1. Track 1 (title and description [optional])
      2. . Time.
      3. Track 2
      4. ...
    7. Personal rating

CD/LD Index by Name

Note: the CD/LD collection contains many Japanese albums. Activate the Japanese encoder/decoder (EUC mode, Enhanced Unix Code) of your browser, if possible, or else you may find unrecognizable characters in some Pages. If you cannot view Japanese characters or simply if you don't know Japanese at all, don't worry, because all special characters are followed by their proper pronounce keys (though not all terms have already been translated). Another note: due to problems of most HTML browsers, Latin accented characters may be incorrectly displayed as Japanese characters. It seems it is impossible to view both Japanese and accented characters at the same time in most systems.

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New Acquisitions

My brother and I have purchased some new albums, but I haven't had time to input them in the database...

Biographies, Musicographies and Filmographies

Remarkable Albums

This section presents my favourite albums, some special releases and limited editions.

This is the list of my favourite albums:

Here is the list of most of special release and limited edition albums that were not included in my Favourite list:

Information and Trivia

This section contains information about CD/LD/musics/movies I have known but are not in the collection (they're not available or aren't worth to have). It also contains data about technology (really worth to read if you are planning to buy new equipment). You may also check the Lyrics Bank.

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