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There will come the Time when our Technology will look like Magic... and it will look like Unicorns... - Cyberknight

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[Unicorn] Unicorns
What are Unicorns? Where are they? Unicorns and Art. Personal thoughts.
[CD/LD] CD/LD collection
Movies, soundtracks, original albums, lyrics from vocals and information of many CDs, LDs and artists. Now, there's also "trivia" about other disks and new technology.
[Lyrics] Lyrics Bank
Collection of lyrics of several songs I don't have in any CD album.
[Drawing] Learning to Draw
Do you want to learn to draw? It's far easier than you think. Painting technics, computer graphics and animation are just as easy. Under construction, last modified on 1997-March-22 Saturday.
[Walking Raccoon] My Images Gallery
In this Page, I try to explain my own artwork...
[Hi-Brazil] Hi-Brazil Chronicles
Hi-Brazil, from myth to raw reality... Under construction, coming soon...
[Books] Books
My favourite books commented. Under construction.
[Cinema] Cinema and Television
What movies to watch? Do I have to follow the critique? What a collector must know about Cinema?
[Anime] "Anime"
The Japanese animation movies and series have been present in all my life.
[S.F.F.] Science Fiction, Fantasy & R.P.G.
Personal thoughts...
[Bonsai] "Bonsai"
Do you want to create a "bonsai" of your favourite plant?
[Links] Osamu Tezuka Official Home Page
One of the greatest artists of all time, Tezuka influenciated many generations around the world with his anime series.
[Links] Garfield Home Page
One of my favourite humor sites.
[Links] Comic Strips
You can find some really good comic strips there.

Computer World

[MSX] MSX computer
Comments, personal thoughts, freewares and more.
[Freeware] Freeware
Freeware programs, of course.
[Software] Persistence of Vision (PoV) Ray Tracer
Meet this really fantastic photo-realistic images renderer, a freeware that can beat many commercial products!


[FMVZ-USP] Veterinary Medicine of São Paulo University
The official Page of FMVZ-USP.
[Ibama-SP] Ibama-SP
Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural Resources.

Article: "Reintrodução de Pyrrhuras"


[Links] Friends
Connections to my Friends.
[Cyberknight] About Cyberknight
Why "Cyberknight"? Personal thoughts about my country, my likes and dislikes.

This Page is dedicated to my Family.