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The T.V. Studio - The ProoodinThorpes

Meet "The ProodinThorpes". This series tells the story of the ProodinThorpe sisters, Millicent and Babette who are caretakers of their niece, Trixie. Dolls are signed and dated and come with a photo/bio tag around their necks. All dolls copyright 2004-2005 Tracy Viverretta.

Maila/ Trixie / Millicent / Babette

Left-Right: ~ ~MAILA (14"h x 17"w) is Trixie's dog. Being a dog, she has very keen instincts and is always watching out for Maila. ~ ~TRIXIE(16"h x 10 1/2"w) is the quiet, shy, 7 year old niece of the ProoodinThorpe ladies who are raising her. ~ ~MILLICENT (17 1/2"h x 11 1/2"w) is the matriarch of the ProoodinThorpe family. She's stoic and rarely smiles but she is a big hearted gem who treasures her family. ~ ~BABETTE (22"h x 10 1/2"w) is Millicent's baby sister - the artist. With her gregarious, free spirited nature, Babette is quite the opposite of her older sister. The photo doesn't indicate that Babette has gold/purple striped boots with red rick-rack on the rim of the boot.

Incayo / King Flooba Ha Ha / Payaso

All 3 dolls represent the artwork of the character Babette. From left to right they are: ~ ~INCAYO (16 1/2"h x 11"w) - who is a onesie. He is an Inca warrior who obviously doesn't take much crap and all those teeth you see are not because he's smiling - it's more of a growl. This next cool, abstract guy is ~ ~KING FLOOBA HA HA (17"h x 11 1/4"w). He is a joyous, lighthearted, rather dingy king of a land that only Babette knows about. Lastly, there is ~ ~PAYASO (17"h x 13"w) - another of Babette's sculptures. He thinks he is the coolest looking of all her sculptures and, thus, is a wee bit full of himself. But be sure the other sculptures will straighten him out.

Nzinga / Erdelobos / Indeeoh

These are 3 more of Babette's Sculptures.