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The T.V. Studio - The Carneys

The Carney name was not inspired by carnival folk. The name actually came from the fact that these dolls were reinCARNations of gently used corduroys, blouses, t-shirts, etc. Measurements are close approxiamtions.


CELESTIA: brown cotton face, off-white eyes w/micro black rivets, brown corduroy hair, light & dark pink fleece lips, black fleece nostrils, orange & cream checkered dress, 2-toned pink terrycloth arms w/brown fleece hands, light pink & brown ribbon around neck, black & multi colored floral cotton boots (front), light orange polyester boots (back), body backside multi colored tan stripes w/hand drawn muslin label with illustration of face and name. MAGDA: brushed metallic blue cotton face, black embroidersed nose, white cotton eyes outlined in black felt, dark brown cotton hair outlined in swirly stitches & a pink & brown striped ribbon in hair, pink terrycloth lips over orange & beige checkered lips, navy blue cotton dress w/micro white rivets and orange ribbon around neck, navy multi-colored floral shoes, left arm is white w/navy blue floral print, cobalt blue w/white floral right arm, black fleece hands.


MYRTLE: off-white cotton face w/micro black rivets, white cotton eyes with vintage yellow plaid polyester eyelid on one eye and gray polyester lid on the other, tan nose, pink lips, hair has brown strips, boots: red/white strips, arms: red & navy print, dress: flowered print dress with orange band accent around the neck, tan fleece hands, soft baby blue cotton backside w/hand drawn muslin label indicating name and illustration of face. * * * GINGKO: black textured polyester body, gray cotton abstract face on right side, white and off white cotton eyeballs outlined in black poly felt, white cotton teeth accented w/black poly felt, white/green graphic on belly, black & white cotton print shoes, baby blue plaid right arm w/black fleece hand, black & white cotton striped left arm w/green fleece hand, backside is multi striped cotton w/hand drawn muslin label indicating name and illustration of face.


VALENTINO: beige cotton face w/micro black rivets, black hat accented w/swirly stitches, black & white striped nose, black & white houndstooth print outfit, tan & black checkered arms w/black fleece hands, groovy, colorful floral cotton boots, backside is multi-colored striped cotton w/a handmade muslin label indicating his name and illustration of his face. * * * DOODLEBUG - smokey gray corduroy body, black & white striped cotton hat w/black fleece band at botton of hat, white cotton eyes outlined with black poly felt, bhite felt embroidered nose, gray cotton mouth, blue t-shirt w/navy blue band around neck, navy & white plaid arms w/black fleece hands, multi colored striped cotton shoes * * * GUMBO: brown corduroy body, beige canvas nose has 2 colorful squares for nostrils, right eye is beige & brown leaf/floral print w/hand drawn green smiley face eyeball, left eye is light blue print w/a white & brown square for the eyeball, royal blue mouth, right arm is mustard cotton floral print, left arm is multi-colored cotton, both hands are orange fleece, tan & black checkered polyester feet, belly has appliqued white square w/hand drawn brown lines, gray cotton backside w/a handmade muslin label indicating name & hand drawn illustration of face.