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made art long before entering school ~ ~ looked forward to holidays in elementary school because classroom assignments were about doing crafty projects ~ ~ received first sewing machine (a used, antique, aqua colored brother) at 13 after aunt encouraged mother to buy one as the former felt bad for me always sewing pillows and such by hand ~ ~ that beautiful old machine lasted well into my college years when it literally blew up ~ ~ never occurred to me to study art in college, though I made many things at this time including clothes for other students ~ ~ started indie children's publication after college with intent on becoming children's writer but found myself falling in love - deep, ridiculous love - with drawing and illustrating ~ ~ years went by and pen turned into paintbrush when I finally realized after a lifetime of design and creation that I was indeed an artist ~ ~ all products on this site are handmade one by one with no assistants, no interns, just me...truly a one woman show ~ ~ i do it all and i love it - painting, sewing, quilting, appliqueing, designing, embroidering and so much more ~ ~ i design and create anything my mind can conjure up utilizing fabric ~ ~ other beloved things and non-things include: my mother, NYC, laughing, thinking, medium sized dogs and all other animals, everything foreign - foreign languages, foreign films, foreign lands and foreign people, senior citizens, learning about anything, cartoons, fall and all the holidays that follow, non-conformists, friendly, loving, diverse people, barbra streisand's singing voice, curly hair, compact, cozy living spaces, pretty feet, vintage anything, interior design, my maternal grandmother who left earth long, long before I arrived, gerard butler... ~ ~ thanks for visiting my site.