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the world around me
abounds in pain and misery
but with darkness, i shall indulge in a fierce fight
in order to restore joy
and make my world bright

with earnestness and dedication
i will strive for reaching my destination
difficulties will obstruct my way
but i won't let them any longer stay

for every problem, a solution i will find
with high spirits and a calm mind
till the moment evil will exist
i shall continue to resist
backed by immense enthusiasm and hope
with every situation i will cope

but all my efforts will remain meaningless and incomplete
until and unless darkness accepts complete defeat
every source of darkness will give way to light
and a peaceful, joyful, eternal life

but i have yet to make the world bright
start off soon and move ahead with the fight
...there had once been days full of light
but has darkness conquered the sunshine?

with the rise of a power, which is divine
the forces of the evil will soon decline
the moment, the day, will be mine and only mine
when i succeed in bringing back sunshine.

Enter my world...

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