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Riding Lessons (ages 4-adult- click here to schedule and check availability.)

Day Camps:

Day Camp Info

Chastain Mist is located in Olympia, WA.
We offer a plethora of equestrian activities for the horse enthusiast including:

  • Riding Lessons
  • Everything below this line pertains to our overnight girls camp only. (CAMP HAS BEEN CLOSED, LEAVING THE CONTENT BELOW TO HELP WITH SEO.)

    It is wordy, but the content helps us rank high with search engines. Only read it if you want the nitty gritty on our overnight camp. If you don't want the details, click on registration to the left, or overnight camp to get a short summary of the 3 camps offered. Our overnight camp is an all girls equestrian immersion camp where the entire focus is that of horses and riding. Riders have the chance to ride 4 hours a day and have a horse to call their own (ExeQ Camp) or 2 hours a day and share a horse with 1 other camper (Happy Camper Camp). The time during the day that is not spent in a riding lesson is spent with horses, either training, grooming, driving, vaulting, trail riding, playing polo, navigating obstacle courses, trailering, haltering yearlings, and more.
    This is an immersion camp, where non horse activities take a major back seat.
    Philosophy: As for educating the young rider, this camp is unparalleled. Riders learn, through hands on experience, every aspect of horsemanship, using the most natural techniques, focusing on quiet, invisible communication. Chastain Mist Summer Camp enhances skills and develops the complete rider by emphasizing the importance of a horse's physical as well as mental well being.
    The Details: The success of Chastain Mist is due in large part to the diligence and hard work that is put forth months before camp begins. Campers are presented with a beautiful facility that meets rigid health and safety standards, adult counselors that are trained in all procedures that have a true desire to ensure Chastain Mist lives up to each camper's expectation, and an adaptable curriculum that challenges every level of rider. We are confident that Chastain Mist is the #1 camp for any girl who loves horses and wants to become a better equestrian.

    Facts to consider about Chastain Mist:

  • Camp owners are onsite, ensuring a world class, top notch equestrian camp experience.
  • 2:1 Camper:Staff ratio during lessons/ 8:1 during the day when not riding.
  • Ages 6-16, grouped according to age during most activities.
  • Program exceeds Washington State safety requirements for youth programs.
  • All adult counselors are CPR, Safety, 1st aid trained and background checked
  • Registered Nurse on call, 24/7

  • Our camp horses live with us and are ridden year round, which means we know our horses very well and the year round schooling keeps them in great shape and well behaved.
  • 24 Hour Adult Supervision
  • All Female Staff of AMAZING individuals, chosen for their strength of character and role model worthiness!
  • We have handled registrations discreetly for children of celebrity clients. We understand the importance of discretion and our administrative staff is trained in this area. Your child's identity will not be revealed. Celebrity references available to celebrities and other persons who seek high privacy for their children.
  • Professional Trainers/ Riding Instructors with years of experience
  • We have hosted riders from France, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, England, Israel, Turkey, India, Korea, Germany, Canada, USA, and Italy. We would love to add more countries to this list.
  • Complete Equestrian Program to improve overall horsemanship/horse ownership
  • Mild Climate! Average daily temp. 70' F
  • Located less than 5 minutes from Cabelas, The World's Foremost Outfitter!
  • Only 4 minutes from I-5


  • Member AHA Arabian Horse Association
  • Member AHSA American Horse Shows Association
  • Past Member of Child Care and Early Learning Association
  • Member United States Equestrian Federation
  • Member Daffodil Arabian Horse Association