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Paul van Gelder , a.k.a. Mayor Harkie,

He is a musician,teacher, husband,father & grandpa (Davis)
:-) as old as old can be..,spot (-:

"Say it Loud,
I'm Gray and I'm Proud!"

Hilversum Media Park Vara,NPS,VPRO studios.
Where Paul van Gelder
worked for 13 years long
one night per week
Spinned Americana Music and other good stuff.
He had to go so all the steady workers could have a job
They said they need to cutdowns
but they lied
They just want to get lost of their free-lancers it costs to many papers for every 3 months make a new contract.
And they don't want good things anymore only good payed , wel sold names and music.

Paul the Night Jock at work
man in front was somebody who wanted to see
how it should be done!

Paul in a short interview
He says that he has no good word for the Dutch Radio shows today,
and he prefers to listnen to internetradio
This could be the reason why he lost his job?

Now he works for internet radio stations.
Radio 227 & Radio Waddenzee
but volonteerly.