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With Job in the ship of our town playgarden.

My name is Kieran-Eli , but they..,my family..,
named me Kieran for short..,
It is a Celtic name,wich means ;
Darkheaded or the dark haired one.
I was born on the second of May
in the year 2001,
it was a cold springday.
The birth happend in Saint Jan Hospital,
In Hoorn a place nearby Enkhuizen in Holland.
I came into this world ,gladly my Ma and Pa were nearby
and hugged me after I got out of my very first home .
I am now attending school,learning how to spell ,read , write
and do some numbers.
I love playing with Lego and Knex.
My love for the trains shall remain..,I am sure of it !
I want to be a train engeneer maybe with a singing career
If I ever do grow up ;)
I was born with a tannend skin,dark hair and beautiful dark brown eyes.

On the schoolyard playing with my schoolfriends.
This picture is on the site of my school

Yeah,this name suits me so well..,
And my eyes are as dark as my Grandmothers on my Mothers side.
There are many Irish Saints of my name,
but the most celebrated is St. Kieran of Clonmacnoise .
Of the others, St. Kieran of Seir-Kieran and St. Kieran of Disert-Kieran
are the best known.
The former is founder of Seir-Kieran, Kings County (about A.D. 450), and also of the See of Ossory .
His history is obscure, but he flourished during the greater part of the fifth century,
and is venerated in England, Brittany, Wales, and Scotland, on 5 March.
St. Kieran of Disert-Kieran, Co. Meath, called by the Irish annalists "Kieran the Devout", wrote a "Life of St. Patrick."
He died in 775 on 14 June, on which day his feast is celebrated.
St. Kieran, patron of Clonsost, is commemorated on 30 April, and St. Kieran, son of Colga, on 19 May.

Some "old" pictures of me;

Me ,scared for the Dutch Santa Claus

Love to play our piano and sprinkle my mum.

I always went to close to cameras.

I am my parents eye apple but I can be naughty aswell.