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Globe was made for me
by my Belgium friend.
"Dank U beleefd lieve Martine."

Bono Vox
"worldpeace & humanity president"

by Mark Armstrong; Jan 4,2002, 9:00 AM PT

This is one moment U2 won't want to get out of.
Despite going three-for-three last year,

the Irish rock supergroup was hardly left behind,
by the 44th Annual Grammy Awards Friday,
scoring a field-best eight nominations, including
Album of the Year
for its acclaimed return to pop simplicity,
All That You Can't Leave Behind .

Bono & company also picked up nods for;
Record of the Year and Song of the Year,
(songwriting award) for their uplifting tracks:
"Walk On" & "Stuck In a Moment, You Can't Get Out Of,"
respectively.(out nine msn news.)

Tribute 2 U2's leadsinger Bono.

"You did good,said Bono."

"No,said Tom Cruise,
You did more than good!"

Together with
the leadsinger of R.E.M. on stage.

"So,what will our four kids say
later about this,babe?"[Bono asked his wife.]
Every great guy has
a greater girl behind him,
and that's Allison for Bono.
Thanks so much,Mrs.Hewit.


Oprah sits down with the cooler-than-cool rocker in Cape Town,
South Africa after he'd given a riveting performance in conjunction with World AIDS Day.
The superstar U2's front man talks about everything from songwriting to raising kids to working to save Africa.
He's honest , inspiring and a rock star image
aside—incredibly sweet.

"Bono is a man who uses his time to demonstrate what a difference one human being can make.
I have the ultimate adoration and respect for him."
— Oprah

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