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Sieka was born in the capital city of the providence of Groningen,
I grew up as the Malcom in the middle. .In a village known as Wehe den Hoorn,that is also in the same providence.

I had an angel on my shoulder to help me and I think it's still with me. I had a to sheltered life and at the age of 19 I had enough of it with only a high school diploma I left home and lived a few years on my own to find myself. " I Still haven't found what I am looking for", "Got stuck in a moment", I suppose.
When I was 21, I met my husband (Paul) in a church that was also used as a culture gathering. I was with my brother, who plays the guitar very well [he also played the guitar in Bealst.Memphis, in 2001] and my then husband to be, Paul on the banjo[5-string]along with many others. They played folk and country music that night and some blues. It was a night to remember, very amazing. Than I heard the song, "Amanda." It was so thrilling to my ears. One low voice, one high voice, the man with the wonderful high voice, of course was Paul.

I fell in love, {with Paul} right on the spot. {I even saw him once before in a local paper.} He invited me to a concert of the protest singer Julie Felix and he asked me to spend the night with him at his place. I accepted, I was not aware of it at that time but he was in love with me {I gently tapped on his shoulder and that is why he fell in love with me.} Paul and his friend Dan picked me up and I stayed there with other friends of his, Pierre and Rennie. It was a great concert and the next day Paul said to me, "Dan is also in love with you.Ē With an underlining on also, I knew Paul was also in love with me.

Later on, I went to the doctorís office and he told me that I was with child. So Paul and I got married, on May 2,1988. Bella and Astrid were our witnesses that day. Before the wedding, we gave a big party at a farmhouse of friends, Henk and Lia La Brie. Paul and I are so gratefull to them that they gave their home up for us. It was also a party for Paulís birthday, our wedding day, and the birth of our baby and a divorce. [LOL..,We are still together.] We moved to Amsterdam and I gave birth in our apartment to our beautiful baby girl, Naomi, on August 29,1988.

Not long after that, I became pregnant again and on October 8, 1989, I gave birth via C-section with anesthesia to a handsome baby boy, Jaime. They are growing up together and have a close bond. We moved from Amsterdam to Lelystad,[Lillytown]and we were very happy there.

We lived in Lelystad until 1996, when we bought ourselves a humble old house in Enkhuizen near Amsterdam. Feeling a little lonely, living in a new place, a sense of wonder came over us when we bought a computer, wow then came the internet and ICQ. This opened up a whole new world for us. A sense of more friends and family. They all became part of my third pregnancy . On May 2, 2001, I gave birth to a new bouncing baby boy Kieran, via C-section with an epidural.

The kids grew up with ups and downs we had our moments, Naomi found the love of her life , Mark and they have 2 beautyfull daughters Chelsea and Jazlyn our granddaughters..,love them so much! Proud of my children and grandchildren.

Birth Data for Sieka:
Birth Date and Time.....
 December 11, 1965 5:15 AM
Birth Location...Groningen,Netherlands
Sun Sign...Sagittarius

Your Sun-sign of Sagittarius rules your thighs and your sciatic nerve.
These are located in the area of your Root Chakra.
Therefore, in order to keep the vitality and optimism coming into your life,
you need to develop a philosophy that you will always be provided for and that,
by releasing the past, you are free to enjoy life in the here and now.
Sagittarius also rules exhalation, and exhalation is a process of relaxing and letting go of the past, and of what you no longer need.
It is through your unusual ability for positive thinking that you are able be confident, optimistic, and capable of generating self-healing energy.

In order to keep up your naturally positive attitude,
you need to maintain a healthy, giving heart and an aligned, healthy spine.
You need to maintain a free-flowing connection of energy between your upper spine (which has to do with positive,
inspired thoughts) and your lower spine (which connects with the earth energy and makes these thoughts flow into actual, practical manifestation).
It will help to visualize your higher,
cosmic energy coming down through your spine and into the earth, and the solid, earth energy coming up from the center of the earth going up your spine and containing on up past the top of your head.

Venus rules your Heart Chakra
and Aquarius rules the parts of your body which pertain to flexibility
and movement such as your ankles,
spinal cord, blood circulation, and the rods and cones of your eyes.
Your love for others is in the form of being open-minded and flexible towards their many different physical traits and ideas,
so that they will feel the unconditional love of the Source.
You can enhance your own health by practicing exercises that enhance your physical flexibility
and by meditating to bring in the Light and new, inspired ideas.