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                            My pottery education has been self directed. For the past thirty five years I've studied  both independently

                            as well as with some of the best potters of our time.

                            My interest in pottery started in my thirties after a successful modeling career with the Eileen Ford agency. At the

                            time I was raising my young family and took my first evening ceramic class at the local high school;

                            immediately hooked.

                            Soon after that we moved to Ontario, Canada where my husband Jim worked in television. In the six years we

                            lived there, I started two retail businesses - a craft and antique shop and a craft gallery, built a gas kiln and continued

                            making pots while availing myself of the wonderful intensive workshops offered at the many local colleges in

                            Southern Ontario.

                           After six years in Canada, my husband was offered a television show (Card Sharks) in Southern California, so we

                           sold the house and gallery and and headed west. Our children were thrilled with the prospect and quickly adapted

                           to the joys of California living - surfing, skateboarding, tennis and snow skiing in shorts. It was teenage heaven!

                           I set up a studio in the garage in our house in Northridge for a couple of years and then in the early 80's we moved

                           to Montecito, a lovely town just south of Santa Barbara. The town gave me a permit to work at home and to build a

                           double bourry box wood kiln that I had designed. Tom Collins, who  had been an apprentice to Peter Voulkos built

                           the kiln while I contributed days of brick cutting.

                           Our current home, studio studio and gallery are in the small town of Bakersville, in the beautiful mountains of

                           western North Carolina.



                          List of some of the workshops I've attended:


                          Gordon Barnes (Seneca College, Ontario Canada - throwing, Kiln design, Intensive)  

                          John Stephenson

                          Kent Dewalt (glaze chemistry Sheridan School of Design, Oakville, Ontario Canada)

                          Harlan House

                          Don Zver

                         Angela Fina (hands on throwing intensive Mohawk College, Ontario)

                         Ruth Gowdy McKinley

                         Les Miley

                         Ken Ferguson

                         Peter Gibbs

                         Cynthia Bringle

                        Annette Corcoran

                        Catherine Hiersoux

                        William Hunt

                        Daniel Rhodes

                        Peter Lane

                        Karen Karnes (hands on intensive throwing and design)

                        Vivika Heino (intensive and certificate in glaze chemistry)

                        David Leach

                        John Leach

                        Warren McKenzie

                        Bob Nichols

                        Juan Quesada (hands on Primitive firing)

                        Annette Corcoran (hands on intensive)

                        Daniel Rhodes

                        Catherine Hiersoux

                        Brad Schweiger

                        Paul Soldner (hands on low salt fire intensive)

                        Tom Collins

                        John Stephenson

                        Toshiko Takaezu

                        John Glick

                        Craig Martell and Linda Owen

                        McKenzie Smith (soda firing intensive)


                        American Ceramic Society

                        Toe River Arts Council