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artist statement

My intent is to create work of beauty and quiet strength. Some of my forms are able to stand on their own with the simplest of outer coatings; and others are enhanced with simple, gestural brushwork.

Soda firing, in a gas kiln, enhanced with wood, contributes warmth and richness that is very compatible with my forms, and this constitutes my choice of firing for the majority of my work at this time..

As the soda migrates through the kiln, it forms a serendipitous deposit of soda on the pots. This and the flashing which occurs, brings a surprise element to the firings and a more varied and exciting surface treatment to the forms which I find very suitable to my current body of work.

The pots I make are not just meant to sit in a display cupboard or on a mantle, but to be used in a more intimate manner, whether it's to store personal treasures, display flowers, or as part of peoples personal relationship with food -- that first cup of tea or coffee in the morning, or the after dinner snack/dessert.

A pot only reveals a part of itself on visual examination, and it is my hope that the work calls out to be touched and used on a regular basis; and in that, the user will afford themselves an opportunity to have a deeper relationship with the work as it reveals more of itself through frequent use.

I see these every day objects as a way of bringing art into our lives, in a very personal way which  nourishes our spirit, stretches our thought processes and provides visual and tactical interest , and even whimsy at times.