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SenjutsuŽ's CChat Characters

I will be adding more characters as soon as I make them.

Send comments or suggestions for a character to
or you can reach me on aim Here.

You can download comic chat Here

My Favorite Web Sites

anime lyrics

Some pics of my wife and baby

DL dot hack [its been a while. i had to make this one cause i luv the anime] 9/19/03

DL Pucca [made this one for anna :)] 1/18/03

DL Lloyd [another one made by Mat] 12/17/02

DL Dart [another one made by Mat] 12/07/02

DL Inu Yasha [my best one in my opinion] 11/30/02

DL Faye Valentine 8/17/02

DL Kaiba [made by a good friend] 8/8/02

DL YuGiOh 8/4/02

DL MMXZ2 [my first character] 8/2/02