There are prints of some paintings available in a Limited Edition format. The images are numbered and each series will end at 175 prints. The prints are designed for an 8" x 10" mat opening and are high quality, produced on acid-free card stock. They are ideal for small spaces or small budgets, whichever applies. Presently the price list for prints is as follows:

Signed print only: $30.00 + shipping

Signed print in double mat: $60.00 + shipping

Signed print in double mat and frame with glass: $100.00 + shipping

Should you desire to purchase a print please refer to the Home Page of this site where you will see my e-mail address and phone number. If you contact me, I will let you know whether or not certain paintings are available in Prints. I also offer group series of prints at a reduced prices, such as the "Baseball Series," which includes, "Can I Play?," "Dad's Glove," and "Who's Up First?" Thank you and I hope you enjoy this print feature.