Painting #59

"The Ole Swimmin' Hole"

"The Ole Swimmin'Hole" reminds me of my early teen years when many of us would gather at the local swimming hole, usually a part of a brook or creek dammed up with sandbags by the "big guys" in the neighborhood. It was cold running water with cows sharing it upstream and down; very few people had manufactured swimming pools so these havens provided us with hot summer relief. Oddly enough, we never got sick from high choloform levels and other varied bacteria which I'm sure inhabited the place! We had great times diving from rocks, whipping each other with wet towels, bring lunch or eating apples from wild apple trees, and an occasional trunk pull-down if an embarrassing moment arose. The painting is 18" x 24" in size and is for sale, framed, for $600.00.

"Angling Afternoon"