Painting #148

"Bash Bish Falls"

This is the second in the series that I'm doing on waters in Berkshire County, MA. Titled "Bash Bish Falls," this painting is a 24" x 18" oil on canvas, finished on September 25, 2007, and depicts a very famous waterfall in the southwest corner of Massachusetts called the Bash Bish. Folk Lore has two origins for the unusual name of the falls; that an unfaithful Indian maiden named Bash Bish was tied to a canoe and sent over the falls to her death in this spot or that the splashing of the water made a "Bash Bish" sound to the native Indians. In any case the name is of Indian origin. Hudson River School painters, in particular, John Kensett, painted the Bash Bish numerous times. The painting is for sale; please call for price.