Painting #139:

"Feeding Duckd"

In the summer of 2006, at an exhibit in Stockbridge, MA., an art admirer remarked that my trees reminded him of those painted by John Constable. Not knowing who John Constable was, I searched him on the web and found that the gentleman paid me a wonderful compliment. He also set me on a course of studying Constable's works. Recently, The Sterling and Francine Art Institute here in Williamstown received a gift of a huge Constable collection from a British benefactor; now I can view original Constable art in my hometown! "Feeding Ducks" was finished on June 27, 2007, and not unlike many of my paintings, it is a peaceful countryside scene. It is however, more influenced by the English landscape painters, in particular, Constable, than my work used to be. The painting is size 20" x 16" and is in the collection of Louis and MaryAnn Yarmosky of Pittsfield, MA.