Painting #112:

"Sugar Maples"

"Sugar Maples" is a painting that is somewhat different than many of my landscapes. It is a view that is much closer and less panoramic than most of my scenes, which tend to be more epic in scope. This work brings the forest scene much closer to the viewer and depicts New England sugar maples being tapped in the early spring for the sap which will soon turn into Maple Syrup. I think that this painting emanated from thoughts I have about recent research suggesting that Sugar Maples in New England are being adversely affected by global warming. If proven to be true, this phenomenon will put end end to a part of life dear to New Englanders. "Sugar Maples" is a 14" x 11" painting that was completed on October 15, 2006; it is oil on gessoboard panel and is in the collection of long-time good friend, Francis Merrigan, a resident of North Adams, MA.