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Welcome! My name is Lucky, and I am the President of Meow Corp. You are visitor # since June 13, 2002. Oh, and don't forget to sign the GuestMap on your way in!

Last Updated: 11-23-2002
Wow, regular updates again? I am a happy happy Umbreon (in case you couldn't tell, heh.) Anyway, Rachel wanted me to tell you that she's read all of your emails, and would like me to address issues here. First of all, lots of people are adopting, good good, but many have not carefully read the rules. Read them twice if it helps! Really! On a related note, Rachel's sister has even applied for Little... woo... steal him, quick, Race! She's wondering if she should keep and breed Little, so you guys can have Little kittens to adopt, since he's so gosh-darn cute. Weh. Additionally, a few of you have asked if Racie will make Petz 4 versions of her breedz. This is a possibility, but remember she doesn't have Dogz 4, and actually prefers Petz 3, although she may make the Catz 4 versions.

What's New:
Apparently I wasn't as sarcastic 5 months ago... well... I'm a Dark Pokémon! Okay?

What's Going On:
Stuff... and other stuff. And things, oh yeah, a lot of things are happening too. Maybe.

Baby Kitten & Spot Bug

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