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Misting Images

This is my own creation, any similarities to other
tutorials is purely coincidental and unintentional.

This tutorial was written for Linn,
thank you for giving me a reason to write this.

This is my own way of misting images,
I am sure that there are many other ways,
but this is what works best for me.

This is what I am starting with...

This will be the end result...

Ok, let's get started.

Open a graphic of your choice.
Shift D to duplicate, close the original.

Now in your layer palette, Right Click and Promote
Background to Layer.
Using your Selection tool set to Ellipse, with a Feather setting of 15.
Make your selection.
Be careful not to get to close to the edge.

Now go to Selections, Modify, Feather 45.

Now Selections Invert and hit the delete key
until you have removed as much of the graphic as you want.

Save as a psp image and export as a picture tube or save as a jpg. You are done!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to
email me Beth

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