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Gallery Shows

River Rock Bones 2010

The Death of Bighead 2010

Until the Whistle Blows 2009

Runnin' on Empty 2008

TrainWreck 2007

33 Knots 2007

Fire Season 2006

The Collector's Conscience 2006

It Tastes Like Whiskey 2006

Misc. Paintings Gallery 1

Gallery Links

The Shooting Gallery

C.A.V.E. Gallery



April 9th, 2011 "Island of the Colorblind" Solo show at The Shooting gallery in San Francisco

Feb. 12, 2011 “In The Trees: TWIN PEAKS 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition” group show at Clifton's Brookdale

Jan. 22, 2011 "Conjoined in 3D" group show at Copro Gallery

C.A.V.E. gallery - Venice, CA - 02.05.10 - art show from Fabio Cunha on Vimeo.