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If you didn't come in thru the front door, you missed the link to the jukebox. To hear the Christmas tunes, open the jukebox manually by clicking the Jukebox image. All the words to these songs are on my Christmas songs page. The Christmas Songs Page

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Cherish Your Family for They are Your Treasures
A Storehouse of Riches....Wealth Beyond Measure
Dedicated to our Children:
Sherry, Debbie, & Artie.
Son-in-laws:Todd & Robert, Daughter-in-law:Stacey.

"There's So Much To Like About Christmas"

I like the sounds of Christmas;
The carols and jingle bells.
The Children's voices shouting;
Their joyous glad Noels.

I like the smell of Christmas;
The pungent scent of pine.
The fragrance of the cooking;
When friends come in to dine.

I like the taste of Christmas;
The turkey, pies, and cakes.
The cookies and the candies;
And all things Mama makes.

I like the touch of Christmas;
The feather touch of snow.
Hands on mine, a child's sweet kiss;
The warmth of fireplace glow.

I like the heart of Christmas;
The Churches all a'light.
With baby Jesus in his bed;
In Bethlehem tonight.

        Now I'll be the first to admit , how easy it can be to get caught up in all the Santa Claus stuff. The bright lights, the shopping malls and all the commercialism that surrounds Christmas. And sure, it's great to open all those presents and go to all those great parties around the holidays - but these aren't the REAL reasons behind Christmas. Really! Ya see , Christmas is the day that Jesus was born. That's right. It's His birthday. It can be hard sometimes, even for Christians, to keep the real reason for the Christmas season at the center of its celebration. There is so much going on, so loudly, that the birth of a child in Bethlehem goes almost unnoticed. Yet when it does---When Christ is left out of Christmas and his gift of life forgotten, the celebration becomes meaningless. So , whether you are singing along with the songs on the following pages, running from store to store trying to find just the right gift for Aunt Mable, or just having fun opening presents, remember that "Jesus is the reason for the season".

Decorate a Tree Use your mouse and decorate your own tree. The kids will love it! Sorry Netscape users..only works with Explorer!

Decorate a Tree and the Room Use your mouse and decorate your own tree and room. Sorry Netscape users..only works with Explorer!

Decorate a Tree and the Room Ok Netscape users, I heard you, This one will work in both IE and Netscape. The problem is that Santa left in such a hurry, the room is a mess! Everything is scattered all over, even the dog. Be sure and find all the parts and have fun.

The Christmas Songs Page The lyrics are provided with the music so everyone can sing along.

Christmas Pages To Color One of the largest Christmas coloring sites on the web with almost 100 pictures to color.

Christmas Pages To Color on line If you would rather color on line using Java, here are a few pictures to work with.

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles If you like jigsaw puzzles there are puzzles with 4 levels to choose. My grandkids love the pre-school!

Christmas Recipies Recipies for main meals, desert, and lots of goodies to make us fat!

Compose a letter to Santa Fill in the blanks and generate a different letter to Santa. (Will not work in all browsers!!)

Naughty or Nice Take this test and find out if you were naughty or nice.

Java and Christmas Games Have the urge to play games...Try some of these. Some will not work with Netscape.

Christmas In Different 75 Languages How to say "Merry Christmas".

FAQ about Santa My son Artie found these while surfin. They are questions and answers about Christmas and Santa. Why doesn't Santa bring me what I asked for?

Christmas Movies Listing of Christmas movies. Did you know they had movies in 1897?

Christmas TV Specials. Listing of most Christmas TV Specials.

Christmas Icons Christmas icons for your desktop or your home page.

Christmas Stories Christmas stories for both young and old.

Tragic Diary Ok, ok, so this story is not about Christmas, but I felt the need to put it in. It touched my heart and brought a tear to my eye. I hope it makes you think!

Christmas Links Links to some real neat Christmas Sites for games and to send your Christmas cards.

Christmas Applets A few Christmas applets for your enjoyment.

Duck Lake You have to see it!

Much love and compassion sent to You and each and every person who may visit us.

A Gift From
The Heart
is The Best
Gift of All

Thank you , for visiting our Christmas Pages.We hope to see you again soon.
Always remember "Learn how to love people and use things; NOT love things and use people."


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