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So we may never forget! Click on each image for a touching tribute!
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The Bears Christmas Site

  Our Christmas pages are just a click away. You will need java and javascript enabled to really enjoy our site. Without java the applets on my site will not work.

To hear the Christmas tunes, open the jukebox by clicking the Jukebox image. The songs will open in another window and play automatically. It has a close feature if you decide that you don't want the music.

The Jukebox melodys
Christmas tunes for your enjoyment..

When you click on the door below to open the next page, you will be asked to type your name. This is for your enjoyment...I do not collect any information!

If you encounter ANY problems within my site, or there is something you really enjoy, please email me as I like to keep all my visitors happy. Who knows, some day I might work for you!
Everything on my site is free (I won't turn down any donations : )). I would appreciate a link back to here but if you are real busy and don't have the time, thats ok too. Please copy images to your own drive as we change images and titles often.
What is the weather at Santa's House? Go Here to see.

Ready? ok! Lets go! Knock on the front door and let yourself in.

There is lots to do inside but please try to be quiet as we are hibernating.

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas from our family to yours! Have a safe and happy holiday and remember "Jesus is the reason for the season"!

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Click anywhere on the rail to ride the train to other Holiday sites.

The Rail

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This The Bears Christmas Pages site
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Christmas Is For Everyone!
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Christmas Is Our Creator's
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May you keep the Joy of Christmas in your
Heart all through the year.

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