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Kidron Valley Dead Sea and Masada Byzantine Columns in Jerusalem Sea of Galilee

Planning A Trip to Israel?

Please note: Inclusion of these resources on our website is intended as a convenience for our site visitors. "Oasis Knitting Guild of Israel" or its representatives cannot be held liable for the use of these resources or for any transactions made as a result of using these resources. We hope you find the following websites interesting and helpful in preparing for your trip:

General Planning Information:
The Israel Ministry of Tourism - The place to start planning your trip;
InfoTour-Israel - A listing of various tourist services;
Israel Tourism Guide - Another listing of tourist services;
Gems in Israel - Spotlighting Israel's lesser-known tourist attractions;
News and Weather:
Ha'Aretz English Edition
The Jerusalem Post
Israel Broadcast News - Will open in your computer's RealPlayer
Israel Meteorological Service - For the 3-day forecast;
For a long-term forecast, try
Other Websites of Interest: - Links to various museums around the country
The Israel Museum-Jerusalem - Textiles in the Jewish Ethnography Department
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Steimatsky Books - Israel's largest English language bookseller
Hebrew Survival Kit - Everyday Hebrew in a fun, interactive learning tool
Travel for Kids-Jerusalem
Israeli Landscapes
Israel-The Unofficial Guilde

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