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Mountaintop General Store

A Gift For Any Occasion

Mountaintop General Store

Are You Looking For That Special Gift For That Special Someone,
For any occasion such as Christmas ,Birthdays,House Warming, Mothersday etc.
Give that special person a Handcrafted Trellis Shelf or Picket Fence Shelf. Enjoy these handcrafted Shelves in any room of your home. They will give any room in your home a touch of country.

We offer two different styles of Trellis and Picket shelves. Style # 1 is crafted from yellow pine and painted white. Style # 2 is crafted from Ozark cedar with a light gloss coat. All of our products are crafted by local Ozark Mountain Craftsmen

Item # WT 0012 Price $25.00 Plus $7.50 S&H

Item # CT 0013 Price $30.00 Plus $7.50 S&H

These shelves are 18 and 1/2inches high and 22 and 1/4 inches long
also looks cute on porches and decks for potted flower arrangements. (Decorations on shelf not included)

Picket Fence Shelf

Item # WP 0112 Price $25.00 Plus $7.50 S&H

Item # CP 0115 Price $30.00 Plus $7.50 S&H

Take your children for a step back in time when toys didn't need batteries or an electric outlet to make them work. A time before television and computer games. Give them hours of fun the ole fashioned Ozark Mountain way. With this handcrafted wooden top.Take your children back to a time when toys were a lot less complicated and a lot more fun. All they need is just a pull of a string and they will be amazed.

Item # TP1001 Price $6.50 Plus $2.50 S&H

This handcrafted top is 7 3/4 inches long and the spinning top is 2 1/4 " across.

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