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Intermission Boulevard!

Super-Stupid Spritecomics with a -weird- twist over SS's Final Fantasy IV, and other mechanisms of interest!

MAD UBER. o.o;
Latest Comic -- Last Updated: [3-12-02]

News : 3 / 12 / 02 : "Blargho!"

Blerf.. Yup. No updatee for yesterday. x.X; But here's a new comic! =D Kudos to Zee-chan for a -final- idea for a theme! x.X; And ooh! The Archive Bin is now working, in case ya missed the first 'mix! ^_^; Feh.. I'm not all past my bandwidth yet.. but I get a sinking feeling I'm going to be soon. x.X; Mwerf.. So thus, the search continues for a hostee, or, perhaps, the eventual purchase of my own domain. ._.;
Oh! And as soon as I get this cgi-method underway, the little picture thingies above will change per page-load, or click, depending on chance! =D Whee. So see, boys and girls, you're learning right along with me. Feel proud. ^_^;

News : 3 / 10 / 02 : "The Lamias are coming! The Lamias are coming! O.O;"

Yeah, yeah.. x.x; I planned on 'opening' this schming-ding yesterday.. but, ah. Got sidetracked. :P I'm working on more stuff, such as adding links to suffocate boredom, and wondering whether or not to keep a Dream*book.. or.. What. o_O; Bleh. It'll be ready soon if not today! =D (I just don't want any broken links. x.x;)

News : 3 / 9 / 02 "v00t! Underwayage!"
Aa-chan Sprite. o_O; Aha-haahaahaa. Today is the nice opening of Intermission Boulevard, spritecomics, (mostly based on FF4) like many of dozens out there, specializing in odd and peculiar interests of times today. =D (or not.)
I only have one comic up, and it sucks, yes. x_X; But live with it. :P The archives will become a reality soon! ^^; In the meantime, you can also go visit A.I. : Artificial Idiocy, which is a kickarse webcomic run by my friend, Zee-chan. =D Visit! Visit! Visit! o.o; And don't forget to put this edition in your favorites, if ya want. =X Muahahaha.

Final Fantasy IV, characters, and such are right of Squaresoft, so there. :B This is a fansite, and I'm no way affliated with them.