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~Princess Diana Portrait Baby Doll~series #3

Franklin Mint's third doll in this series,
"Precious in Pearls:Princess Diana Portrait Baby Doll"
Wearing a baby-adapted version if the famous pearl gown,
with tulle tutu and bolero accented with pearls.
Also a copy of the Queen Mary tiara,
and a lovely bouquet!

*Summary of Series*

1st doll:"The Princess Diana Portrait Baby Doll"
Wearing light blue satin dress,
Spencer Tiara and holds a cream rose.
Eyes at a side glance to the right.

2nd doll:"A Proper Little Princess"
Wearing the navy and white doll size dress and
hat like the "Inspecting the Guard" 16" vinyl ensemble,
accessories include purse and pearl necklace.
Eyes looking straight forward.

3rd doll:"Precious in Pearls" shown here.
Eyes at a side glance to the left!

Next doll,not a clue!

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